“Life Story”

Dec 3, 2021 | High Pines – Herne Bay, Lyndhurst – Tankerton

We have decided to improve on our ‘Life Story’ work with residents to make sure that the care we provide is as ‘person-centred’ as possible. Activity Coordinators and staff will gradually be working with those residents who can and wish to complete their own Life Story or will be starting to contact families and friends for assistance in completing the Life Story.

The new Life Story format is more detailed than before which we hope will provide staff with a comprehensive picture of the resident including family details. Obviously, once completed we would hope that relatives and friends will then help us keep the Life Story up to date by informing us of new grand or great grandchildren etc.

Some residents may choose to complement their Life Story with a Memory Box containing photos, special items or other memorabilia that the resident cherishes.