Our Values

The Oasis Care Group understands that the primary aspect of being able to deliver a high standard of care which is person centered, relies significantly on possessing robust and competent leadership systems. These systems must promote transparency, accountability, compassion and dignity to achieve a high standard of care.

Our management teams acknowledge that the correct working culture is crucial. Alongside shared purposes and visions, supporting and educating staff, motivating and understanding staff roles and utilising policies and researched frameworks this leads to more effective caring systems.

In addition retaining creativity and energy to lead and nurture a team of people, who can familiarise and understand these goals and the concept of providing care for older people, will result in excellent care being provided to residents.

All staff are placed on rolling training programmes and adhere to the principles of the Mental Capacity Act. Furthermore it is a requirement of managers to recognise good practice and challenge poor practice.

Residential Care

When residents arrive at the care homes they are warmly greeted by the staff who will assist them to settle in.

During the initial periods the staff will produce a comprehensive Care Plan and Risk Assessment with the resident where possible.

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The Oasis Care Group carries out significant “Life Story” work jointly with the residents, Leisure therapist and Activity Coordinators to help staff gain more knowledge about the residents’ backgrounds, particularly hobbies and pastimes.

Consequently this enables the team to provide and encourage involvement in stimulating activities which are enjoyable and of interest to them.

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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Autism Friendly

We work hard to make all areas of our business, including our website, accessible for everyone, including individuals with autism. If you have any feedback on this or any of our values, please use the form below to let us know.